Become a member


With your membership you support first of all the values that are promoted by the association: the integration of different cultures and generations through music.

Your membership permits:

  • The acquisition of music material
  • Communication work
  • The organisation of concerts
  • The support of the needy, that also wants to participate
  • The setup of the orchestra and the conducting
  • Activities to foster integration
  • Cooperations with other artists
  • An orchestra tour

Gitarrenklänge Baden-Baden e.V.
IBAN : DE20 6625 0030 0030 1587 52

The “Gitarrenklänge” are looking for new members of the orchestra!

  • You already play the guitar and want to join an international orchestra?
  • You always wanted to play the guitar and never dared it?
  • The integration of different cultures and generation appeals to you?

Then you are completely right at the Gitarrenklänge! We would be very glad to hear from you.