Our approach

„Without music life would be a mistake “

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 

Music has no limits. It is a universal language that everyone understands. Every person should be allowed to exercise it. The core of the project is to build a guitar orchestra in which children, adolescents and adults of different backgrounds play together - a socio-cultural integration project in Baden-Baden, where locals, foreigners and refugees experience a shared adventure.

Project objectives




The integration should happen on two levels.

The first level concerns the musical level. Music as a vehicle to express emotions without verbal communication. Music as art to gain concentration and self-confidence. Music as an interpersonal communication tool to share joy.

The second level of integration takes place on the orchestra structure. The orchestra should be structured interculturally and intergenerationally and thus make a strong contribution to integration within the population. The integration takes place via integration workshops, through getting to know each other, through shared experiences, but also about getting to know the city.



The topic of responsibility is also very much in the foreground. Responsibility towards his fellow human beings, whether through concerts in the retirement home, in the hospital or a distribution of tasks within the orchestra. In addition, we would like to hold a charity concert once a year to support a charitable project in the region. We want to send a signal that foreigners also participate in the solidarity within the region.




We want to bring the music to the widest possible audience. Accordingly, the orchestra should be accessible to anyone, regardless of their age or country of origin. Even the concerts should take place "in the middle of life" of the city dwellers. World music and classical music determine the repertoire. Here too we want to set a sign of universality. The guitar is the ideal instrument for that. Virtually every country has its own traditional guitar-like plucked instrument. We can easily incorporate this into the guitar orchestra. Finally, we also attach great importance to presenting the guitar as an orchestral instrument.


Musically dominated the so-called "world music", but of course some classical pieces are rehearsed. The term "world music" in German means "world music" - meaning a repertoire of different musical genres, such as: Jazz, Klezmer, Latin American music, etc. In addition, depending on the country of origin of the orchestra members, traditional pieces may be added.

Guitar classes

The project wants also to give the opportunity to those who do not yet play the guitar and want to learn it, to join the orchestra.
Those who already play the guitar and want to improve their playing can of course, besides the orchestra rehearsals, take some additional classes as well.

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